The Internet has opened up a large array of opportunities, making things more accessible than they were before. Now, every entrepreneur knows that it’s not easy being a successful business person, so here are some essential technologies that every up and coming entrepreneur needs to know.

  •  The Cloud


Though the Cloud has been around for slightly more than a decade, many consider it as new technology. Think of Gmail – which is a cloud service – and you’ll be able to judge how long it’s been around.

The Cloud offers plenty of business owners with limited funds to tip the scales and balance the playing field. It helps reduce capital expenditure, due to the fact that it relies on a pay-by-monthly service.

There are three main types of Cloud services:

  • SaaS: software as a service
  • PaaS: platform as a service
  • IaaS: infrastructure as a service

While there plenty of other services available, most cloud services fall into one of these groups. SaaS is one of the most popular up to date, but IaaS has become quite a demand as of late.

IaaS allows a business to have a full IT infrastructure, packaged with serves, web servers, mail servers, etc., all of which are hosted in a data center. This helps relieve a business of that fact that it does not have to worry about downtime, disaster recovery, backup, and upgrades.

PaaS offers a business to set up its own development areas, once again eliminating the pesky cost of high-end computers.

With Cloud services, there comes the ability to host an entire desktop, along with all its apps in the Cloud, allowing swift access from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

It is also a fantastic enabler and every entrepreneur could use a taste of it, for mail, backups, and certainly, much, much more.

  • Smartphones/Tablets


If you take a look around, it’s a good chance that 9 out of the 10 people around you are using a smartphone or tablet of sorts – even that toddler is holding an Ipad. The mobile revolution has taken the world by storm, and an astute entrepreneur knows that they need a decent smartphone or tablet.

  • Google Analytics


Though a free software, Google Analytics proves to be a powerful tool for any entrepreneur who has a site to monitor. It provides a quick and easy way to analyze traffic, as well as help decide where you can improve.

It also allows you to monitor where your traffic is coming from, as well as how long people spend on your site, the pages they visit, and your most popular and trending content.

  • Master the art of Coding


This may not apply to every entrepreneur, but we’re now living in the age of large technological advances, and it may prove to be one of the most practical skills to have.

  • Apps


Being an entrepreneur can prove be quite taxing at times – juggling schedules can take a toll on the active businessperson. So how can you squeeze the most out of your day? Invest in some productive apps of course!

There are plenty of apps out there to help organize your day, ranging from fixing your calendar to remind you of some of your expenses.

It is certainly not easy starting your own business – thankfully, there are plenty of technological tools to aid you in your ventures.