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What Lies Within – A visit to the Exitra Data Centre (Part 1)

Sarah 2017-02-28 Data Centre

It’s located in an environmentally sealed room, on a floor with a guarded elevator and has enough security to make Fort Knox a joke. Just what’s inside the Exitra Data centre? There’s this huge mythology built up around data centres – monolithic, enigmatic, almost fantastically distant and improbably secure areas that are inviolate and almost…

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Why Should Businesses Move to the Cloud 2a

Why Should Businesses Move to the Cloud

admin 2016-12-22 SaaS

Why should companies move to the cloud? Cloud computing can bring about a tremendous difference for businesses, small and large corporations alike. Many businesses, ranging from tech-startups in Silicon Valley, to small shops here and there, have realized the benefits that come from the cloud. And they have so smartly learned to reap from it….

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