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Delivering Your Entire Office on the Cloud

What Is Desktop -as-a-Service (DaaS)?

For most companies, managing your IT infrastructure has always been a massive headache. It’s common to find tens or hundreds of computers, each running different Operating System (OS) versions, with various types of applications that all require license renewals at different times. Imagine the amount of time spent troubleshooting basic computer issues when that time could be better spent focusing on increasing sales. Isn’t there a better way? Enter Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), also known as a hosted desktop service, is a new approach to office IT management made possible by the increasing prevalence of the cloud. DaaS provides your users with the power of a secure, fully-managed desktop computing service without any of the hassle. You no longer have to keep track of and manage multiple vendor contracts for PC acquisition and maintenance. Your end users can access their data from almost any device, anywhere, making them more productive. You get enhanced information security, simpler platform migration, built-in disaster recover, and increase your desktop provisioning from hours to minutes.

Desktop-as-a-Service Is Perfect For You If…

Exitra’s DaaS (Malaysia) is perfect for you if:

You want a simplified, secure and reliable way for your users to work

Multiple vendor contracts with differing clauses, expiring licenses, bug tracking, faulty printer drivers and many other issues plague corporate IT departments. Eliminate all of these in one fell swoop with DaaS.


Your company has seasonal spikes in manpower

There may be times when you need to hire new contractors or part-timers to keep up with a spike in work. Typically, you either let them insecurely use their own devices or lose valuable time provisioning new desktops. With the centralised provisioning that DaaS offers, you can quickly and easily get your temporary staff up and running. When they leave, simply revoke their access and keep your data safe.


You want to improve data governance

These days, everyone has their own laptops, smartphones and tablets that they use for work-related matters. Without proper device governance, this increases the chance of security breaches. With DaaS’ centralised management, you can use protocols to encrypt and encode data so that it won’t reside in your users’ local devices.


You want to provide your users with easy access, anytime, anywhere

Work doesn’t stop when you’re away from your desktop. Let your users access their corporate information securely with DaaS.

Why Choose Exitra’s DaaS?

Rapidly Scale Up or Down

User desktop provisioning can take hours or days to execute properly. With DaaS, you can get your new hire up and running within minutes. Decommissioning a user is also a simple process.

Eliminate IT Headaches

A centralised and standardised IT workflow ensures that all the typical headaches of running an office are mitigated. You can spend that time increasing sales or improving customer service.

Perfect Performance

Exitra started off as an internal function within LGB Group to manage our own IT infrastructure. That experience has allowed us to better understand and optimise the IT needs of various industries.

Enforce Better Data Governance

You don’t want your confidential data stored in one of those insecure devices that your end users bring into the offce. With DaaS, you can easily enforce better data governance, keeping all of your trade secrets safe.

Optimised Infrastructure

We only use modern, high speed SSD servers and an optimised data centre infrastructure design to ensure that your business-critical website and applications run smoothly.

24 / 7 Command Centre

Our 24 /7 command centre is keeps a watchful eye on our data centre 24x7x365 to ensure that no problem, no matter how seemingly insignificant, goes unnoticed.

Tier 3 Designed Data Centre in Grade A Building

Unlike other IT providers who lease data centre space from another provider, Exitra designs, builds and operates our very own Tier 3 designed data centre right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in a Grade A building. This means that we are able to control and customise every aspect of our data centre to suit your needs.

How To Get Started With DaaS?

If you need more advise on how to getting your company started with Exitra’s Desktop-as-a-Service (Malaysia), simply contact us and one of our customer service advocates will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Who Should Use DaaS (Malaysia)?


Why invest upfront in expensive software and maintenance when you can get all the benefits at a low monthly cost? Focus on your growth, not troubleshooting printer drivers.


Why invest in an expensive IT team or overwork your office manager even more? DaaS allows you to free up resources to do the work that actually matters.

Companies with Seasonal Workforce

DaaS allows you to add and remove desktop users quickly, thus improving productivity and increasing security.

Our Data Centre Facilities in Malaysia

Our Clients

You will be in good company. We are trusted by many established companies in Malaysia to host their websites and business-critical applications.