Data Centre Malaysia

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Data Centre Malaysia

Simple. Scalable. Secured.

Exitra’s Malaysia-based Data Centres:
A Stable & Reliable Foundation
for Your Growing Business

Whether we like it or not, technology is driving the speed of change in the world of business.
The one thing that can send your business into grinding halt is an unstable IT infrastructure.

Exitra offers high-performing, secure data centres in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) that helps ensure your business runs smoothly – every minute of the year.

Why Exitra Data Centre?

99.982% Uptime

Our inclusive Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensures that your mission critical business apps are online, always.

Proven Expertise over Years

As a subsidiary of LGB Group, many MNCs and SMEs have been trusting Exitra to manage their IT infrastructure. Let your business take advantage of our proven expertise and experience as well.

Complete Peace of Mind

With our advanced security features, highly redundant infrastructure and proven ability to keep your IT infrastructure safe, you’ll achieve complete piece of mind that your mission critical components will work any time of the year.

Stable Foundation for Growth

The last thing you want to happen is to build your business on a shaky foundation that won’t support your growth. With our data centre solutions, you can stop worrying about IT and bandwidth and work on building your business.

Highly Redundant System for Total Safety

We designed our Malaysian data centres with highly redundant features to ensure complete continuity even in the event of a power failure. Our multi-level fault-tolerant design ensures that there is no single point of failure (SPOF) and our data centre can operate independently even in the event of a total failure in the mains current. We use a N+1 design with 2 active power path to the computer system. Our diesel-powered backup generator is located in an enclosed area outside the data centre and will start automatically in the unlikely event of a complete power grid failure.

Advanced Security
Includes Facial Recognition System

We only allow authorized data centre personnel access into our data centre. We’re so serious about our security that we employ multiple security checkpoints, round the clock CCTV surveillance and even a facial recognition system to prevent unauthorized access. No one can enter the production area of any of our data centres without passing through stringent security checks.

Modern Cooling &
Environmental Control

Exitra’s data centre in Kuala Lumpur is outfitted with redundant chillers to ensure that your servers receive an uninterruptible supply of coolant. Our entire data centre is designed according to the principles of the hot aisle / cold aisle design. We eliminate any hot spots in the centre by providing precision air conditioning along the hot aisle.

We take special care to maintain this controlled environment as this is required by high-efficiency equipment to optimize its performance and prolong its life span.

Our data centre Malaysia is under constant monitoring by our automated Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). Each major area has smoke, heat and water leakage detection systems installed. If a threat is detected, alerts are immediately sent to our command centre so they can act quickly. Environmentally-safe IG55 Fire Suppression Agent is installed at strategic areas to safeguard your servers in the unlikely event a fire breaks out in our data centre.

24x7x365 Command Centre

Our command centre is keeping a watchful eye on our data centre 24x7x365 to ensure that no problem, no matter how seemingly insignificant, goes unnoticed.

We even offer a Dedicated Remote Hands Service that allows you to relay instructions to our staff to perform complicated tasks such as hardware replacement, dismounting devices, troubleshooting and even to perform standby duty during critical periods.

Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) with Network Equipment & Server Management Monitoring

Our on-site Intelligent Monitoring Centre (IMC) gives you even more piece of mind by constantly monitoring the state of your network equipment and servers. We give you a comprehensive range of remote monitoring and network monitoring v so you can easily look after you or your customers’ servers, networking equipment and websites.


Equipment, Space and Bandwidth
are Available for Rental

Disaster Recovery

Protect one of the important assets in your company – Data