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Disaster Recovery
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Malaysia-based Disaster Recovery
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Your data is one of the most important assets your company has. What if it were to disappear overnight? System failures, unforeseen disasters and malicious human interference are a constant concern for every business owner and IT professional. MyCloud’s Disaster Recovery Data Centre & Services helps you sleep that much better at night.
A disaster recovery program is best implemented when you place it in an alternate location that has impeccable security protocols and high connectivity. This ensures that no matter what the disaster – natural or otherwise – your business-critical records and data are safe and in working order.

How Much is Your Business Worth to You?

A complete loss of data can halt or completely derail the growth of your business. Don’t let disaster recovery be one of the things you wished you had when a disaster occurs. MyCloud’s Tier 3 data centre is perfect for companies looking for an off-site, carrier neutral and secure facility that will help protect your servers and hosted web apps from any catastrophes.

Stay Safe with our
Disaster Recovery Data Centre

Redundant System Structure

Our disaster recovery data centre helps keep your data safe even in the most severe of disasters. We have highly redundant systems in place to keep your infrastructure running smoothly even in the event of a total power failure. There is no single point of failure (SPOF), and our diesel-powered standby generator can keep your system running for up to 48 hours while we get the power back on.

Highly Secure:
Security Includes Facial
Recognition System

Our disaster recovery data centre is only accessible by vetted personnel. Even then, they have to go through multiple security checkpoints, pass round-the-clock CCTV surveillance systems and through a facial recognition system before they can access the data room. MyCloud’s strict security protocols are in place to keep your backup data that much safer.

Disaster Recovery Management & Consultancy

Do you need help and advice in setting up your data recovery management plan? Our experienced and highly trained IT and business professionals are on hand to offer their knowledge in helping you come up with a data recovery plan that will reduce any loss of critical functions in case your main data centre is compromised.

24 x 7 x 365 Command Centre

Our command centre is located on-site at our disaster recovery data centre in the event that an emergency or catastrophe occurs. You can rest easy knowing that a team of well-trained professionals is ready to jump to action the moment they hear from you.

Trusted by Both SMEs & MNCs

We’ve been managing the IT infrastructure and website hosting for both large and small businesses for a long time. They trust us to keep them competitive. Shouldn’t you as well?

24/7 Technical Support

Our local support team is on-hand every single minute of the year just so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your precious data. Our Remote Hands Service also ensures that we can handle whatever requirements your company might have.

99.982% Uptime

Our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.982% uptime for your IT assets. Our modern and redundant design also ensures that not only will everything be running, but it will be optimized as well.

Safe & Secure

We’re fanatical about security here at Exitra, with our multi-checkpoint access and facial recognition systems.

Create a Stable Foundation for Your Growth with
Exitra’s Data Centres

Exitra’s new Data Centre Malaysia is located right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and built according to TIA 942 standards. Ensure your company is being built on the right foundations by hosting with us today.