MycPOS: Point-of-Sales (POS) Systems Malaysia

The technology behind point-of-sales (POS) systems has come a long way since it first reached our shores. No longer should you have to grapple with clunky, old-fashioned cash register machines during closing each night. MyCloud’s POS system Malaysia is a cloud-based point-of-sales system that seamlessly combines ease-of-use with cutting edge cloud technology.

MyCloud’s intelligent POS terminals give you much more flexibility and benefits compared to a traditional cash register. Whether you’re looking for a retail POS system, a restaurant POS system or a point-of-sales system for your new bubble tea store, our MycPOS is flexible and user-friendly enough to meet all your needs.

MyCloud’s POS functions are easy to understand, and their high levels of automation effectively optimize what have always been time-consuming, routine tasks. They help relieve the strains of your service staff, eliminate potential sources of error and improve levels of customer care.

POS Supplier of Choice

MyCloud® is the POS supplier of choice for many of Malaysia’s best stores, restaurants, bars, and coffee chains. Our clients always feel confident with our POS systems because of our many years of industry experience, integrity and the high quality products we offer to the Malaysian market.

Consolidate Sales from Multiple Stores with Our Web-Based POS System

Opening multiple branches of your retail store or restaurant is a great achievement. However, we know that consolidating all your sales each day can be quite a tedious task. MycPOS is a cloud-based hosted point-of-sales system (POS) designed to help Malaysian businesses run multiple branches more effectively and more efficiently. It is also among the most user-friendly in the market right now.

Real Time Point-of-Sales Information

Are you just sitting around and wondering how much that store in Petaling Jaya is doing right now? Or how did the other outlet in Butterworth, Penang, perform for the huge sales push? Regardless if you’re in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Johor, our online POS system allows you to get key sales information instantly.

There’s no reason for you to keep relying on old-fashioned cash register machines (and outdated information) to make business-changing decisions.

Integrated HQ & Store Operations

Our cloud-based POS System allows you to control and monitor your day-to-day activities, sales transactions and store operations in real time with our online access. It also includes a head office console that allows you to manage the entire system from just one application.

Easy to Use POS System

We’ve already mentioned that our cloud-based POS software is very user-friendly. However, if you still need personal technical assistance, our sales and technical teams are just a phone call away.

Offline Mode

When it comes to cloud-based POS software, a major concern we’ve heard from retailers such as you is – what happens if my Internet suddenly goes down? Can I still take orders and process payments?

Yes, you can!

MycPOS will work even when your Internet connection is down, ensuring zero downtime for your business. Once you regain your connection, it will automatically consolidate all sales, ensuring that everything is accurate and up-to-date.

Run Loyalty Programes, Manage Inventory & Accounting with MycPOS

Our POS software comes with some useful add-ons – you can reward your customers with loyalty programmes, manage your inventory and connect to your accounting system. This allows you to both be more flexible and gain a clearer picture of your business performance.

MyCloud’s POS system is hosted using in our very own Malaysia-based datacenters, with a local client agent installed on-site in the POS terminal. Since we own, manage and secure our own data centres, you can be assured that your IT infrastructure will run almost uninterrupted, without any worry of security lapses or downtime.

3 Reasons to Choose Cloud over On-Premise Solutions

Backed Up & Secured

Don’t place all of your critical financial data in an insecure backroom in the corner of your restaurant. By going with our cloud-based POS system, sll your data is hosted in our secure data centre in Malaysia and protected by multilevel, state-of-the art security systems (we even have facial recognition systems to prevent unauthorized entry). We have specially-trained IT personnel on standby 24/7 to ensure your data is safe, always.

Scale & Expand Quickly

A cloud-based software provides you with a flexible infrastructure to quickly scale and expand your business quickly. You no longer have to be worried about being held back by your clunky, on-premise IT infrastructure.

Round-the-Clock Access, Anytime

Why should you be tied to a single location when your customers aren’t? A cloud-based POS system provides with up-to-minute information from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Do you want to find out more reasons why our cloud-based POS system trumps other on-premise ones? Give our sales consultants a call, and they will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Trusted by Both SMEs & MNCs

With a loyal following at both the multi-national and local enterprise level, you may be sure that your investment in our online POS solution will be up to par to current industry standards and capable of growing with your business needs.

24/7 Technical Support

We’re here to make sure you have a great experience with our POS software. Our local and live customer support team will go out of their way to help you with your POS-related queries and special needs.

POS System for Multiple Stations

Do you need a POS system for multiple stations in your store or restaurant? MycPOS has you covered with our cloud-based system.

Context Sensitive

The MyCloud® POS screen can be personalized to be both comprehensive and intuitive to the needs of every Malaysian business, whether you’re a retail store, coffee chain or F&B chain.

Plug into our cloud and get your point-of-sales systems going today

MyCloud’s POS software for Malaysian businesses is so easy to install and use, you’ll probably be up and running within hours. For more information, drop us an email letting us know that you’re looking for a POS System in Malaysia and our consultants will get back to you to help you get your business going.