Partner Programme

MyCloud® Partner Programme Malaysia

Start Your Own Web Hosting Business Today

With our Partner Programme (Malaysia), you are able to provide your clients with best hosting infrastructure available and earn revenue at the same time. Furthermore, you do it under your own brand name! This means that you’ll be leveraging the millions of ringgit we have invested in our experts and infrastructure to grow your own company.

Benefits of Partner Programme


World-Class Infrastructure at Your Fingertips

We have invested millions of ringgit in building our premium data centre and hiring our team of IT expert. As a partner programme, you get to leverage on our reliable IT infrastructure and expertise.


Choose Your Own Prices

Our partner programme packages allow you to set your own prices for each client. They will never know how much you’re paying for your own partner programme packages so you can charge what makes the best sense for your business.


Extend Your Brand

We offer a complete white-label partner programme in Malaysia. What this means is that your clients will perceive our premium, Tier 3 designed data centre and team of IT experts as part of your own team.


Priority Technical Support

We treat each partner programme account as a priority customer. This means that you get priority technical support from our data centre at all times.

Key Features

Completely Customisable

Do you have one web hosting client? Or one thousand? No matter the size of your client base, we can build a custom partner programme plan for you. All of our partner programme plans are customisable according to your own needs.

99.982% Uptime Guarantee

We have a full-featured Service Level Agreement (SLA) that promises you at least 99.982% uptime guarantee. This ensures that your business-critical websites and apps are online when you need them the most.

White Label Partner Programme

Unlike other partner programme providers, we provide a true white label offering. This means that your client is only aware of working with your brand at all times.

One-Click Installation

With our scripts installed, you can setup popular applications and software such as WordPress and Joomla with only one click.

Completely Customisable

We understand that every business is different. What your clients expect from you will be different from others. Our Partner Programme Plans are completely customisable according to your technical requirements, your client base and your revenue goals. Depending on your needs and goals, you can:
  • Host Unlimited Many Domains
  • Set Your Own Space & Bandwidth Limits
  • Choose Linux or Windows OS
  • Install WHMCS & CPanel
  • Setup Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Get Stellar 24/7 Support

Why Choose MyCloud’s Partner Programme

Spend More Time on Billable Work

Save time and money by working with MyCloud®. You no longer have to worry about all the tedious technical details of running your own servers and use that time on work that you can charge for.

Grow a New Revenue Stream

Let our partner programme provide you or your company a brand new revenue stream. Web hosting provides a passive and predictable way for you to increase your profits.

Perfect Performance

MyCloud® started off as an internal function within LGB Group to manage our own IT infrastructure. That experience has allowed us to better understand and optimise the IT needs of various industries.

Reliable for You & Your Clients

A major concern of partner programme sellers is whether their data centre is able to provide them with the stellar support they provide their own clients. We’re trusted by companies of all sizes to manage their IT infrastructure.

Optimised Infrastructure

We only use modern, high speed SSD servers and an optimised data centre infrastructure design to ensure that your business-critical website and applications run smoothly.

24 / 7 Command Centre

Our 24 /7 command centre is keeps a watchful eye on our data centre 24x7x365 to ensure that no problem, no matter how seemingly insignificant, goes unnoticed.

Tier 3 Designed Data Centre in Grade A Building

Unlike other IT providers who lease data centre space from another provider, MyCloud® designs, builds and operates our very own Tier 3 designed data centre right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in a Grade A building. This means that we are able to control and customise every aspect of our data centre to suit your needs.

Who Should Use Our Partner Programme (Malaysia)?

Online Entrepreneurs

Are you dreaming of achieving your own stream of passive income online? Let our partner programme be that profit centre for you.

IT Companies

Your core business might not be in web hosting, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t earn income from it.

Web Developers

Support your clients in the best way possible by partnering with MyCloud®. Let us handle the hosting, and you work towards building a world-class site.