You must be asking yourself, why does your business need a disaster recovery plan? Well, to answer that question, let me first ask you: “Can your business function without your critical data, applications, and operations?” If your answer is a steady yes, then you won’t need a viable disaster recovery plan at all; however, to be perfectly candid, your data will be at risk at some point. With a deadly combination of natural disasters, hardware failures, and human error, the reality of the situation is only a matter of when, not if.

According to the research conducted by the University of Texas has shown that only 6% of companies suffering from a staggering data loss manage to survive, while 43% never reopen, and 51% close within the span of two years.

The fact is, that a disaster recovery plan is your insurance policy.

Therefore, these are the top five reasons as to why a disaster recovery plan should be one of your first priorities for your business.

  1. Machines and Hardware Fail.

    While we’ve taken plenty of leaps in making many modern IT hardware resistant to failures, most devices end up falling short of a perfect track record. No one is truly immune to hard disk or internet connection failures. Eliminating all these weak links in your IT infrastructure can be quite costly. The fastest and most affordable plan of action is to have your data backed up regularly. Ideally, this helps dispose of any capital expense, as well as ensuring that your IT infrastructure gets the strongest form of protection.

  2. Humans make mistakes.

    Have you ever forgotten to save an important file before your computer crashed? Or saved over another word document? These lapses in judgment happen to the best of us. While making mistakes are common, these mistakes can prove to be the hardest to mend. Having a disaster recovery plan helps ensure that you have backups that lets you easily store – and incidentally, restore – your files to an error-free state.

  3. Customers want access 24/7

    The average consumer expects to access the information from whatever time is convenient for them. If your company is experiencing infrastructure issues and cannot get up and running in a timely fashion, these impatient and anxious customers could end up running over to a competitor.

  4. Mother Nature is unpredictable.

    Mother Nature does not strike during the moment where you are the most prepared – she strikes freely and ruthlessly. Businesses that do not have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place will almost be unable to resume their operations after a major disaster. It is estimated that 80% of all companies that experience a business interruption of greater than five days, without recovery plans, go out of business.

    Every business is susceptible to an IT disaster, and the best course of action to ensure that your business recovers quickly is to acquire a well-crafted backup and disaster recovery plan. Too many businesses suffer from being ill-prepared disaster plan – don’t let that happen to yours.