Why should companies move to the cloud? Cloud computing can bring about a tremendous difference for businesses, small and large corporations alike. Many businesses, ranging from tech-startups in Silicon Valley, to small shops here and there, have realized the benefits that come from the cloud.

And they have so smartly learned to reap from it.

Cloud computing provides a certain variety, where it can be used for almost all types of applications, not just business security.

For example, when you update your Facebook status, you’re taking advantage of cloud computing. When you check your bank balance on your phone? You’re using the cloud as well.

To put things succinctly, the cloud is quickly becoming the new norm. It estimated that by the end of 2015, about 90% of UK businesses will end up using, at most, one cloud service.

So, why should companies move to the cloud? Not only does it increase efficiency, but it also assists in cash flow and offers plenty of other benefits – here are some ways that you can reap from it:

  1. Flexibility

    Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses that are with growing or constantly fluctuating bandwidth demands. If there’s a need to increase the scale of your cloud capacity, just draw upon the service’s remote servers. And vice versa, if you need to scale down again. This is one of the perks to owning a cloud-computing service. This level of versatility helps aids whatever level of efficiency you need.

  2. Disaster recovery

    Businesses of all sizes should consider investing in a sturdy disaster recovery system, but for small businesses that are just beginning to get their feet off the ground – and therefore lack the required cash or expertise – it becomes even more of an ideal than a reality. However, the cloud is proving to be a worthy opponent of that trend. According to Aberdeen Group, small businesses are shown to be twice as likely to invest in implemented cloud-based backup and recovery solutions than larger corporations, due to the fact that it helps save time, avoid large up-front investments and rolls up third-party expertise. It’s a three for one deal!

  3. Better collaboration

    Collaboration becomes an easy thing in the cloud. Almost easy as A, B, C. The ability to save and access various files through the cloud enables employees to work from the same document. Cloud collaboration tools, like Google drive, which allows users to upload, edit, and comment on documents, are proven to make a better workplace collaboration.

    This also enables small-business owners to track and manage individual progress on assignments. How’s that for easy as A, B, C?

  4. Capital-expenditure Free

    Cloud computing helps cut out the high cost that comes from purchasing shiny, new hardware. You simply pay as you go along, and you get to enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind and considerate to your cash flow. Add the ease of the setup and management, and suddenly the first steps to cloud adoption becoming so clear and simple.

  5. Work from anywhere

    When you have an Internet connection, you can link to cloud computing, as a cloud service offers almost all their services on mobile apps – you’ll never feel so unrestricted in your life!

    And the result? Oh, it brings employees more flexibility, where it enables them to enjoy the work-life balance that suits them – without productivity taking even one hit.

  6. Security

    Lost laptops are a multi-business issue. And the loss is potentially greater when there is sensitive data inside it. But have no fear, cloud computing is here! When you store your data in the cloud, you can access it no mater what happens to your machine. And you can remotely wipe the data from those pesky lost laptops, ensuring that the sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands.

  7. Competitiveness

    Moving to the cloud gives business access to enterprise-class technology, small or large. It also allows smaller businesses to act faster than those big, established corporations. The pay-as-you-go-along service and cloud business applications allow the smaller outfits to run with the big boys, as well as disrupt the market, while remaining quick and nimble.

  8. Environmentally friendly

    While the above reasons seem to bring about many benefits for your business only, moving to the cloud isn’t considered an entirely selfish act. The environment reaps some of the benefits in this little investment. When your cloud needs tend to waver, your server will often scale up and down in order to fit. This decreases the use of energy – you only use what you need, and you don’t leave behind a giant carbon footprint.

In short, cloud computing is not only for the tech-savvy individual or business, instead, it’s for the masses, where it’s quickly becoming the norm. Cloud computing is here to stay. Don’t miss out on these amazing benefits for your business, by leveraging on cloud computing today.